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October 6, 2013




Fallbrook Senior Citizens press release

Please contact Executive Director at (760) 728-4498 for more information.





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December 10, 2012

              Fallbrook Senior Citizens’ Service Club press release

10 December 2012


      One of Fallbrook's oldest thrift shops recently experienced a massive expansion spurt.  Thanks to available floor space, the thrift shop operated by the Fallbrook Senior Citizens Center has roughly tripled in size.  The expansion has been accompanied by an outpouring of donated items that are filling the shelves and spaces.
     "We've received a lot of very generous donations from the community of Fallbrook," said Virginia Cooke, the center's executive director.  And the community has responded enthusiastically to the shop's new look and offerings when they shop here.   
     We opened (last) Monday and were very busy.  We are getting a substantial amount of merchandise donated to the senior center thrift shop almost on a daily basis.  The thrift shop has the ability to pick-up and deliver bulky items when customers need that service.  The manager and her helpers recently delivered a big-screen TV that was sold shortly after it was donated.  About ten volunteers run the thrift shop, which is open from 9AM until 3PM Mondays through Fridays and 9AM until 1PM on Saturdays. 
     The nonprofit organization has operated a thrift shop since the 1980s, but the shop was one of the community's smallest for many years.  It is now large enough to house separate merchandising sections that feature furniture, vintage items, adult clothing, books, collectables and children's clothes, games and toys.
     Floor space became available for the expansion after a senior center food distribution program ended.  The service was discontinued after a grocery store that supplied commodities changed its policies.
     The center is located at 399 Heald Lane in Fallbrook and has approximately 540 members who each pay $15 a year to belong.  Fallbrook Senior Center membership is open to residents of Fallbrook, Bonsall and Rainbow who are age 55 or older.  The nonprofit club, which was established in 1974, operates a popular center where activities, classes, games and other services are offered.  THE THRIFT SHOP PROVIDES SOME OF THE FUNDS FOR THE CENTER'S OPERATIONS.     
     In addition to the various activities provided at 399 Heald Lane, the Fallbrook Senior Center is also the designated agency that provides low-cost senior meals in the area.  About 10,000 lunches are served each year on a five-day a week basis at the San Diego County Community Center located just north of the senior center.  Another 14,000 lunches are delivered each year to homebound seniors.
     More information about the center and the thrift shop is available by calling 760-728-4498 or visiting

Tim O'Leary, journalist, contributed to this article.    




July 20, 2013